Friday, August 29, 2008


Here are some kitchens I have saved. I just love that chalkboard wall with the metal sliding pantry doors. This was in the Cottage Living idea house last year in New Orleans. LOVED that house! The white kitchen with the tricycle was in Country Living, I believe. It is my favorite one I think. I have managed to use some of the elements from most of these kitchens in my own. My cabinets are painted white and I have a stainless restaurant kitchen worktable for an island, although mine is not on wheels like the one pictured here. I have the schoolhouse ceiling fixture. I also have a porcelain sink, but mine is not the pretty apron front kind. I have painted wood floors done in black/white diagonal checks. They are 18 inch square and I wish I had done them larger, maybe 22 inch. The fab kitchen pictured with the huge chalkboard is in the home of Cottage Living style editor, Heather Chadduck. Although my stove is old like Heather's, it is not exactly the same one. I have a 1947 (??) O'Keeffe and Merritt gas stove and I love it. I had searched for one like my grandmother had, but found this one instead. It was an estate sale find. I'll have to blog about how I got it. Heather's kitchen has a blue/gray ceiling. Mine will too, if I ever finish it. I've splotched, just need to complete the job! The paint color is called hazy sky by Wal-Mart color place paint. FYI, I have used this brand in several different colors and have always been pleased with the quality. The kitchen with the blue chairs is in the new September issue of Cottage Living. I just love all those windows and I like how they are painted a darker color. My kitchen has the old fashioned crank out window above the sink...maybe I should paint it a darker color. In my dream kitchen I would have white subway tiles with grey grout. In the all white kitchen pictured, I just love the narrow window. I have one little built in corner shelving thing that I have struggled to figure out what I want to put there. My precious friend Holly ( suggested a collection of creamers. I like that idea and have one to get me started. Just need to hit the estate sales to find more! Share with me your kitchens or dream kitchen ideas!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

reBeLLioUs (southern) belle....

After reading what Mrs. Rauth ( check out her cute blog here had to say about my white after labor day thread, I decided that I just might be a wild one and indeed wear white after Labor Day. Actually, I found this cute pair of jeans on a clearance rack for less than 4.00. It was meant to be. I think I'll get the bag, too. I will however restrain myself and not wear the jeans and carry the purse at the same time ;).

Friday, August 22, 2008

White, after Labor Day?

I am a Southern girl and growing up as one, I was brought up with the knowledge that one doesn't wear white after Labor Day or before Easter. Ever since I saw Jennifer Aniston in Rumor Has It carrying a white purse, I've thought I would like to have one, but I've never really found one I liked until now. But is it truly too late in the season to get/carry one? I saw this at Target recently. In person, this tote size purse is cute and definitely more ivory colored than what is pictured here. My question...Do you wear white or carry white purses after Labor Day? I'm tempted to get and save for the spring, but by then there will probably be one out I like better. My friend says that winter white is okay. Tell me your thoughts!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

{fashionably} target....

I may or may not have spent an hour shopping in target tonight. Oh who am I kidding?!? I love target, don't you?? There was a girl at church this morning that had this dress on and carrying this purse. She looked so cute! So, I went to see if I could find a new purse and I spied the one she had and then later saw the dress! This dress is adorable on and will be very comfortable, too! It is longer on me than on this model and comes just above my knees. I love the purse, too! So, run, don't walk, to target and get all this too! I checked out the shoes while I was there and there is one pair of moccasins that I may just have to go back and get! Here are the links!

The dress...

The purse...

and the shoes

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ballard Designs pillow...

Has anyone ever gotten one of these pillows from Ballard Designs? I am curious about the quality. I am wanting a pillow for a red, floral chair in my den. It came with a pillow that is the same fabric as the chair, but I think it needs a solid pillow. I am thinking the brown one. But which monogram? Since it's for my den, I think one of the more simple ones. Maybe style 14 or 17? OR I could do my house number?!

Monday, August 11, 2008

ikea {part three}

One other thing on my list is the lack table. I'm thinking I might like a pair of these used as a coffee table in my living room. Still thinking on what color to get. The black, black/brown or white. The living room picture is from Cottage Living magazine. It is from an article on Fran Keenan's darling house in their November 07 issue.,21135,1671491,00.html

my ikea list {part one}...

Oh how I wish I lived closer to IKEA. That store is just plain fun! I have a stainless restaurant work table in my kitchen that I use as an island. I want these bar stools to go with it. I think they will look good. I plan to get two. I'd like to have the number 1 and 2 embroidered on the back. Just not sure how that would hold up to washing. That's what is great about the covers on these chairs. They are removable and washable!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

lamps, wal-mart, really?

I really like this lamp and I think it would give a cute modern touch to a room. I just wish it were 2 times the size it comes in. A pair of them would make such great bedside table lamps. I might just have to order it for a little spot in my living room.

Bedroom inspirations...

I just love this oriental toile by waverly. It has become so hard to find. If anyone knows of a source, let me know! I plan to use it to cover a big lumbar pillow for my bed. I want to find a diamond patterned cotton coverlet for my bed, too. And this ruffled duvet cover to top it off!