Sunday, September 26, 2010

fLoKati part two...

I really love the look of a flokati in a nursery and I really want to use it in my baby girl's nursery, but the shedding....oh the shedding. Now that she is crawling, it gets on her. Do any of you have any tips to minimize the shedding? No, this is not my nursery. This one is darling though. I love that lamp and light fixture in the picture too.

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daniella said...

Hello, darling W!!!!!! How have you been? Clearly, everything went fine and your baby (GIRL!) is now crawling! It's been forever since we've heard from you. Last time you blogged I think you were still pregnant. Won't you share a photo of your girl? Good to see you back!

And thanks for the tip/thoughts on the rug. We're moving to Hawaii in a month and will have to downsize on our house and I'm thinking of doing a shared boy-girl room, incorporating some of the fluffy rugs. I'm still very confused as to how in the world I could decorate the thing that would suit both kids. If you've seen any pictures in magazines/blogs/websites of boy-girl rooms will you PLEASE let me know? Here's my email: daniellasummers(at)

Thank you!