Saturday, February 5, 2011

displaying {photographs} in the home...

there seems to be such a wide range of ideas/thoughts on displaying photos in the home. some feel that it is best to have them only in private areas of the home while others feel that it is your home to display how ever you see fit! now that I have a baby, I have several photos that I want to display. my friend holly did an excellent series of posts regarding this matter. i agree with her about the old/small house issue...that the whole house is public! i personally love going into other's homes and seeing photos on display. i once was in an old farmhouse where there were several very precious photos of the homeowners three children on the walls just about everywhere. loved it!! and decided then and there that that was what i wanted to do someday when i had children! to me, it was not showy or done in a bragging fashion...just sweet, well done photos. if i remember correctly, most were at least 11x14 and larger. that's another thing size...some feel 8x10 is huge, while other's think that shouldn't even be on a wall! again, to me, a matter of personal preference. i have been collecting inspiration pictures of display ideas. i love the clipboard and pant hanger idea for a hallway. so easy to switch out photos..that's a good thing for me since i am having the hardest time deciding what kind of frame, mat size etc. for the photos i want to display. and you better believe if i had a house with tall enough ceilings, i would so have a photo blown up huge like katie brown did of her daughter above the it! i like small photos in huge mats, photos casually pinned to a cork board like in the dining room picture i have here, above the mantle or just pinned to the wall like in the office picture. i would love to hear your thoughts/ideas on all this! please share!!
*images from holly mathis interiors, wink, nest egg, haystack needle, milk and honey home, viva full house, tia zoldan, green style, caitlin wilson, apartment therapy, shelterriffic


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just stumbled across your blog and am loving it! You choose such great photos!! I have recently started collecting small daily paintings and would like to incorporate photographs into a gallery wall with both. I
found this post very interesting- I just Love gallery walls!

My House, My Garden said...

Great post! I love displaying photos in unexpected ways in my home. I mean, my family photos are my favorite art!!